The Jonathan Bayliss Society was formed to promote, perpetuate, and enhance the study and appreciation of the literary work of the American writer Jonathan Bayliss (1926-2009) and to encourage scholarship relating to his life, philosophy, and historical and literary context.

Bayliss's monumental fiction tetralogy GLOUCESTERMAN comprises Prologos, Gloucesterbook, Gloucestertide, and Gloucestermas. Two plays, The Tower of Gilgamesh and The Acts of Gilgamesh, first made their appearance as parts of Gloucestertide and Gloucestermas and were subsequently published in a separate volume, Gilgamesh Plays

See His Works for more about the work of this remarkable 20th-century novelist and playwright whose writing has been compared to that of Laurence Sterne, Herman Melville, James Joyce, Robert Musil, and Hermann Broch. See About Bayliss for a brief account of his life, including his upbringing during the Great Depression and his career as a writer who earned a living as a business and municipal executive.

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